Laurie Anderson in the Echoes Podcast

Laurie Anderson's Moments of Doubt, Death and Dogs.

Listen to the Laure Anderson interview above, or download it from iTunes.

Laurie Anderson - Heart of a DogLaurie Anderson is a true icon of modern music, creating a sound that brings together cultural observations, acute humor and ambient textures. She is the poet laureate of the digital age, the first digital diva. In the 1970s she virtually defined the concept of performance art and her song, ”O Superman”, was a hit in the UK in 1981. Her debut album, Big Science, remains a signature, and frequently referenced work. Following the death of her husband, rock musician Lou Reed, in 2013, Anderson is hitting a new period of creativity with large-scale works like Landfall, Habeas Corpus and her new album, and film, Heart of a Dog.

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