Smoke Fairies’ “Christmas Without a Kiss”.

It’s no secret to Echoes listeners how much I’ve been loving the new album by Smoke Fairies, Wild Winter. Now there’s a cool video to go with their song, “Christmas Without a Kiss.” SmokeFairies-XmasKiss-600It’s a taste of what you’ll hear next Monday, December 7, when Smoke Fairies come in to play live on Echoes.  They’ve released the best seasonal album of 2015 with Wild Winter. One of the reasons it’s the best is there are no Christmas carols or sentimental evocations of the season. This isn’t Rudolph’s or The Brady’s or Elf’s Christmas. Instead, this introspective and evocative English duo explores personal themes of the season, the strife of love, dysfunctional families and seasonal sadness. I love what The Guardian wrote about Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies’ take on Christmas:

It’s a time to dismiss Yuletide frivolities; a time to lament the year gone by, with faces pressed against steamy windows and lips stained with mulled wine; a time to be ejected from the church service for being drunk.

The Smoke Fairies come to Echoes to bring us their take on seasonal cheer, but here’s video of them that’s a pretty good summation of their outlook.  There’s even a “chick” fight.

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