Wordless Echoes: The Wait

A Wordless Echoes full of anticipation and gentle pauses.


Wordless Echoes: The Wait
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 AeTopus Burst When
0:06:50 Kevin Keller La Strada La
0:11:02 Ludovico Einaudi Mountain Elements
0:17:00 Quinn The Seven Nights of Long Pauses Midway
to Midnight 
0:20:56 Japancakes The Waiting The
Sleepy Strange 
0:29:04 Bill Frisell Tired of Waiting for You Guitar
in the Space Age
0:34:56 David Gilmour Beauty Rattle
That Lock (Deluxe Edition)
0:38:56 Ozric Tentacles Rubbing Shoulders with the Absolute Technicians
of the Sacred 
0:46:40 Paul Ellis In Flagrante Delicto Moth
In Flames
0:54:21 Scott August Waiting for
1:01:57 Ron Korb The Reed Cave Asia
1:04:27 Paul Adams Pastoral Imaginings
1:12:13 James Hood Uses of Time Pure
1:20:48 Bryan Carrigan Enchanted Cabin Fall
Into Winter 
1:26:14 Deborah Martin Dance of the Faeries Eye of
the Wizard 
1:31:21 Ronn McFarlane Uncharted Waters Indigo
1:35:19 Joan Jeanrenaud Waiting Strange
1:41:00 Jeffrey Koepper After Glow Konnektions
1:50:14 Mark P. Adler Your Dream Awaits Let Me
1:54:44 Bob Holroyd Laid Bare Blueprint
1:58:42 Eleni Karaindrou Waiting 1 The
Weeping Meadow 
2:02:44 Silencio Waiting She’s
Bad: More Music Inspired by the Works of David Lynch & Angelo
2:05:35 Richard Bone Platonic Placids Involution
2:12:16 Steve Roach A Subtle Twist of Fate Skeleton
2:25:06 Simon Lomax To Find Stillness in the Waiting 5
2:31:02 Michael Whalen For the Blue Dreamof Sky You
Are My Home 
2:37:54 Philip Aaberg Homecoming Field
2:41:33 Chris Haugen Reef Falling
Water Shimmering Strings 
2:48:27 Michael Manring Selene Soliloquy
2:52:54 Carl Weingarten A Different Rain Life
Under Stars 
3:00:21 Jai Uttal A Distant Episode Monkey
3:06:18 Anouar Brahem Tunis at Dawn Souvenance
3:12:47 Slow Meadow Linen Garden pt 1 Slow
3:19:02 Paul Ellis Lights of a Departing Train Moth
In Flame
3:26:38 John Hodian Work in Progress part 1+2 Available
3:33:15 The Balustrade Ensemble` Bathyal Reel Renewed
3:35:04 Henrik Schwarz Wamims Instruments
3:43:34 Zoe Keating Legions (war) Natoma
3:49:20 Jimmy Wahlsteen No Strings Attached No
Strings Attached 
3:52:38 Mark McGuire The Past Presents the Future Beyond
4:06:55 Single Cell Orchestra Lullaby (beatless) Celldom
v2: Arc 
4:16:20 Robert Rich Telomere Echoes
Live 21 (v/a)
4:24:00 Jean-Michel Jarre A Question of Blood (with John Carpenter) Electronica
1: The Time Machine 
4:26:58 Richard Bone Driftwood Days Involution
4:32:33 One Nympheas Blue
4:39:51 Jeff Pearce With Evening Above Echoes
Live 21 (v/a)  
4:43:37 Hector Zazou Tanis A Tunis Geologies
4:48:01 Gary Chang/Turtle Island String Quartet Sorcerer of Sorts A Shock to the System (OST)
4:51:10 David Arkenstone Wind and Stone Native
4:55:43 Steve Gorn Hummingbird Colors of the Mind
5:00:43 Popol Vuh Aguirre In the Gardens of Pharao/Aguirre
5:06:46 Gavi Bryars The Old Tower of Lobenicht After the Requiem
5:18:55 J. Anthony Allen Spacelines Aniscorcia
5:23:17 Goldmund A Word I Give (with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
5:26:35 Green Isac Orchestra Emmesity Green
Isac Orchestra 
5:33:25 Mark Dwane Extraterrestrials Extraterrestrials (single)
5:39:11 George Wallace Existentia Light Music


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