Silencio in the Echoes Podcast

Silencio's Lynchian Soundtracks.

Listen to the Silencio interview above, or download it from iTunes.

Silencio-She's BadImagine yourself in a smoke-filled bar, hazy saxophone billowing from the stage, surf guitars twang, as a drop-dead gorgeous singer seduces you into doing something bad. Could be a Raymond Chandler novel or in this case, a David Lynch film. With the revival of TV’s Twin Peaks in the air, there couldn’t be a better time for a band like Silencio.

Named for a theater in David Lynch’s film, “Mulholland Drive”, the Pittsburgh-based band plays music from Lynch films and Angelo Badalamenti’s scores for them. In fact, their two albums are called Music inspired by the Works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti and Shes Bad: More Music Inspired by the Works of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. The band creates a film noir soundtrack that traverses atmospheric instrumentals, surf guitar grooves, and sultry torch songs. We talk to founding members, Kirk Salopek and David Jamison and singer Dessa Poljak about their evocative and haunting sound.

Silencio - Live

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