Steven Halpern in the Echoes Podcast

From Free Jazz to Free Brainwaves-Steven Halpern's 40 Year Journey

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Halpern-Synth in Space-1000Steven Halpern has been called the Godfather of New Age music and there’s a lot of evidence to validate that claim. He released his first album of electric piano modalities, called Spectrum Suite, in 1975. That makes 2015 his 40th anniversary as a recording artist. He recently released the album Among Friends: 1975-2015, a 40 year retrospective of works with collaborators, including the late flutist Paul Horn and reed player Paul McCandless, and a new recording called Ambient Alchemy with guitarist Michael Diamond and bassist Michael Manring. We talk to Halpern about the evolution of his music from the “anti-frantic alternative” to his concepts of sound healing.

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