Wordless Echoes: After Midnight

An uninterrupted six-hour soundscape for deep at night. It features music from Tangerine Dream, Andreas Vollenweider, George Winston, Sumner McKane and many more.

Wordless Echoes – After Midnight
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Tom Caufield Chaosophy Moog & Nylon
0:07:02 Sumner McKane The Friendly Explorer Who Had Many Native Friends Stone’s Throw
0:13:25 Al Petteway & Amy White Swannanoa Land of the Sky
0:18:01 Deborah Martin Metamorphic Eye of the Wizard
0:25:39 Andreas Vollenweider La Strega/The Grand Ball of the Dulias/Morning at Boma
The Book of Roses
0:31:43 Sundaug Nocturnality Nocturnality
0:34:44 Spatialize Floating World Strange-Eyed Constellations (v/a)
0:38:45 Tangerine Dream Trauma Out of this World
0:48:03 Paul Ellis In Flagrante Delicto Moth in Flames
0:55:38 Mark Doricott & Stan Dart Mare Tranquilitatis (Orbital Flight mix) Midnight
1:01:31 Spiral System And So to Sleep In Your Dreams
1:07:41 David Arkenstone Night Scape Ambient.World
1:15:09 Anawaty/Russel A Space in Time Analog Universe
1:19:06 Anne Dudley & Jazz Coleman Habebe Songs from the Victorious City
1:22:49 Alex De Grassi Hidden Voices Deep at Night
1:29:20 Ketil Bjornstad/David Darling The Sea VIII The Sea
1:31:36 Anima Camino de Pedro Sacred Alliance
1:39:54 Nils Peter Molvaer Soft Moon Shine Hamada
1:46:22 Damian Draghici Unreachable Horizons Romanian Gypsy Panflute Virtuouso
1:51:03 Solar Fields Phase 08 – Night Traffic City Until We Meet the Sky
2:00:41 George Winston Night Sky Forest
2:03:04 Rudiger Opperman Wide Horizon Fragile Balance
2:08:24 Ric Hordinski Exeunt Arthur’s Garden
2:12:08 Al Di Meola Purple and Gold Elysium
2:18:06 Jack Rose Cathedral et Chartres Kensington Blues
2:23:01 Peter Maunu The Passenger Warm Sound in a Grey Field
2:29:53 Mono Surrender Rays of Darkness
2:37:05 Ben Neill The Other Side of Midnight Horizonal
2:42:16 Jairamji Breathing Space Kindred Spirits
2:54:28 Chad Kettering Free Falling Pathways
2:58:36 A Winged Victory for the Sullen Atomos I Atomos
3:08:40 Peter Jack Rainbird Crystalline City Unravel: The Extended Suites
3:18:26 Kevin Kendle Dance of Electra Light from the Pleiades
3:25:59 Majeure Extreme Northern Lights Solar Maximum
3:34:00 Bachir Attar Full Moon at the Window The Next Dream
3:39:28 Adham Shaikh Infinite Emanation Journey to the Sun
3:47:06 Air La Femme D’Argent Moon Safari
3:53:57 3am Night Distant Early Warning
3:58:41 Icebreaker An Ending (Ascent) 2 Apollo
4:02:26 Danny Elfman Walking the Dog The End of the Tour (OST)
4:04:37 Forrest Fang The Unreachable Lands IV: Hermitage Letters to the Farthest Star
4:09:40 Michael Spriggs Sensorium (edit) Back to 1
4:23:31 Hans Christian Between Dusk and Dawn Nanda Devi
4:30:23 Jai Uttal A Distant Episode Monkey
4:36:19 Jan Garbarek In Praise of Dreams In Praise of Dreams
4:41:25 Jeff Oster Half a Cookie Next
4:45:00 Erik Wollo Echotides No. 5 Echotides
4:51:01 Robert Rich & Ian Boddy Edge of Nowhere React
4:56:41 Tom Griesgraber Waking the Day A Whisper in the Thunder
5:01:03 Patrick O’Hearn Better Times Ahead Glaciation
5:03:29 William Watson Garden of Zen Burnham Woods
5:09:16 Bluetech Cosmic Trigger Cosmic Dubs
5:15:40 Catherine Duc Inishowen Dawn Voyager
5:18:47 Ascendant Expansion Aethereal Code
5:26:34 Three Fields A Reaction Alright Here
5:30:20 Twilight Archive Unlit Blueprint Mood Chain
5:35:25 Jeff Greinke Haboob Scenes From A Train
5:39:54 Jon Hopkins Fading Glow Opalescent
5:46:03 Carl Weingarten Nightwalk Life Under Stars
5:52:17 Saul Stokes Gliders Vast


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