Wordless Echoes: Robot Dreams

An uninterrupted six-hour soundscape for dreaming about robots, or perhaps it’s the soundtrack for a robot’s dream. It features new music from Ben Neill, Silencio, and Raygun Ballet, as well as older tracks from Zero One, Philip Glass, Patrick O’Hearn and many more.

Wordless Echoes: Robot Dreams
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Sumner McKane The Turncoat Stone’s Throw
0:05:36 Danny Elfman Talk to Jan The End of the Tour
0:07:00 Liminal Drifter Subway Dream Troubled Mystic
0:12:48 Raygun Ballet A Prayer for Mercy (Sun Rust Mercy Redefined Mix) A Prayer for Mercy
0:17:16 Ben Neill Horizonal Horizonal
0:24:10 Parallel Worlds & Self Oscillate My Window View World Adapter
0:28:49 Kent Macpherson The Embrace of Grief Now Touches Us Gently As the Ice Fell We Became Light
0:32:00 Silencio Waiting She’s Bad: More Music Inspired by the Works of David Lynch
& Angelo Badalamenti
0:34:49 Tangerine Dream La Vision Out of this World
0:47:05 Mark Doricott & Stan Dart Times Remembered (Robot’s Dream Version) Midnight
0:55:12 Zero One Rob0ts pSy-fi
0:59:52 Todd Tobias Marayoor Tristes Tropiques
1:05:17 Anima Surrender Sacred Alliance
1:14:12 Chronotope Project The Scent of Evening Flowers Dawn Treader
1:20:51 Ascendant Probability Aethereal Code
1:28:02 Erik Wollo Echotides No. 5 Echotides
1:33:52 James Hood Multidimensional Pure Ceremony
1:40:48 Slow Meadow A Distant Glow Slow Meadow
1:44:57 Neill Tatar Ode to My Mentors Learning to Fly
1:50:57 The Landau Orchestra Janus Plays Telephone Janus Plays Telephone
1:55:22 Olafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott Reminiscence The Chopin Project
1:59:43 Hans Christian My Inner Ascent Nanda Devi
2:06:20 Rachel’s Water from the Same Source Systems/Layers
2:12:20 The Album Leaf Wishful Thinking Into the Blue Again
2:17:38 Philip Glass Opening Glassworks
2:23:50 Melorman Lights Waves
2:29:06 Michael Brook Ocean Motion Hybrid
2:34:21 Rena Jones Aurora Borealis Driftwood
2:38:53 Three Fields Finite Loop Alright Here
2:45:13 Eberhard Weber Liezen Résumé
2:47:53 Patrick O’Hearn Magnificent River Beautiful World
2:53:12 Kevin Keller Allegro – Blood of the Raven Intermezzo
3:00:51 The American Dollar Friends of Friends Ambient Three
3:04:18 Chad Kettering Closer to You Pathways
3:08:06 Twilight Archive Arcane Alibi Mood Chain
3:12:35 Morgan Doctor Namsan Sunrise Other Life
3:17:53 Trance Mission The Sun Cries pts 1&2 Head Light
3:27:55 H.U.V.A Network Rain Geometries Distances
3:33:33 Gert Emmens Rendezvous with 2004 MN4 When Darkness Falls Upon the Earth
3:44:42 Gary Stroutsos Within You Without You Within You Without You
4:00:54 Ralph Towner Solitary Woman Anthem
4:07:40 Tony McManus Gnossienne #1 Mysterious Boundaries
4:11:33 John Fahey Some Summer Day The Best of John Fahey (1959-1977)
4:14:55 Viktor Krauss Split Wndow Far From Enough
4:20:07 Janel & Anthony Mustang Song Where is Home
4:25:37 Wall Matthews Asleep Among the Stones and Moss The Dreaming Light
4:29:30 Russel Walder Rise Rise
4:32:32 Bang on a Can 1/1 Music for Airports
4:48:49 Sinikka Langeland Hare Rune The Half-Finished Heaven
4:52:50 Floratone More Pluck Floratone 2
4:56:10 Stephan Duros Chapter X Aeaea
5:00:55 Seti the First New Brass Bird Melting Calvary
5:04:37 Danny Elfman The Shoe The End of the Tour
5:06:30 Thom Brennan Signals in Moonlight Signals in Moonlight
5:11:42 Stratosphere Accepting the Aftermath Aftermath
5:19:44 Shpongle Shpongle Falls Are You Shpongled?
5:27:32 The Glimmer Room 707 Now We Are Six
5:34:30 Kat Epple and Nathan Dyke Journey to Timbuktu Elemental Circuitry
5:39:37 Vicki Richards Endless Radiance Parting the Waters
5:45:16 Bruce Cockburn Deep Lake Speechless
5:51:55 Ray Montford When Darkness Takes Flight A Fragile Balance


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