Wordless Echoes: Celestial Tides

A Wordless Echoes reflecting the slow, steady rhythms of Celestial Tides.

As the summer wears on, and we pass through the Perseid meteor shower, it’s clearer than ever that we’re affected by the steady rhythms of celestial cycles.  We’ll hear some of those rhythms, and smoothly-flowing tides, from Erik Wollo’s Echotides, David Cross & Robert Fripp’s Starless Starlight, Kristin Hoffmann’s Amazing Space, and much more, in a six-hour, uninterrupted instrumental spacescape.
Wordless Echoes – Celestial Tides 
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 Mark Dwane Paradise Found  Paradise Found
0:06:32 Michael Hedges Oracle  Oracle
0:10:35 Todd Tobias Nan Mdol/Gunung Batur Tristes Tropiques
0:15:38 Kent Macpherson Some of Us Will Float  As The Ice Fell We Became Light 
0:19:16 Koan Adore Non-Fiction 
0:27:00 Riccardo Eberspacher Temple Flute Voices
0:31:34 Steve Roach and Robert Rich Blood Music SoMa
0:39:00 Twilight Archive Unlit Blueprint  Mood Chain 
0:44:12 Hans Christian Between Dusk and Dawn Nanda Devi 
0:51:12 Erik Wollo Echotides No. 4 Echotides
0:58:05 777 Over and Out 777
1:01:26 Richard Pinhas La Ville Sans Nom East West
1:05:02 Giles Reaves Submerged Sea of Glass 
1:14:03 Ozric Tentacles Rubbing Shoulders with the Absolute Technicians of the Sacred 
1:22:28 Broekhuis Keller and Schonwalder Green Three Green
1:32:59 Mars Lazar Enlightened Touch AfterWorld
1:37:51 Sherry Finzer & Mark Holland Sea of Stars Flute Flight 
1:40:52 David Cross & Robert Fripp Starless Starlight Loops Starless Starlight 
1:52:01 Slow Meadow Linen Garden pt. 2 Slow Meadow 
1:58:00 Sumner McKane Small Canadian Mill Town Next to a Frozen River Select Visual History 
2:03:54 Bill Walker & Erdem Helvacioglu Pegasus and Black Coffee Fields and Fences 
2:06:24 Arstidir Ro Hvel
2:10:53 William Tyler The World Set Free Impossible Truth 
2:20:51 Mychael Danna & Tim Clement Summerland (Hours in the Garden) Summerland
2:30:31 Another Fine Day Naiad A Good Place to Be 
2:36:27 Rachel’s The Mysterious Disappearance of Louis LePrince Selenography
2:39:56 Remanence Lamkhyer Lamkhyer (Remastered Edition) 
2:48:07 Ascendant Matter Aethereal Code 
2:55:58 Hammock Sleep Oblivion Hymns (Deluxe Edition) 
3:02:06 Jon Hopkins Light Through the Veins Insides
3:11:04 Saul Stokes Chrome Garden Vast
3:19:33 Olafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott Letters of a Traveler The Chopin Project 
3:23:46 Philip Wesley Echoes Through Eternity Transcend
3:30:40 James Hood Uses of Time Pure Ceremony 
3:39:35 Kristin Hoffmann The Galactic Beat Amazing Space 
3:47:34 Michael Spriggs Clan Kinnin Back to One 
3:52:28 Omar Faruk Tekbilek Last Words Mystical Garden 
4:00:53 Anthony Ocana In Trance 1 In Trance (La Luna o los Ritos del Amor)  
4:06:20 Jim Green Aurora True North 
4:08:52 Chad Kettering Free Falling Pathways
4:12:24 Gene Rabbai Jr Halfdome/Thundercloud Yosemite Soundscapes
4:18:15 Paul De Jong Debt Free If
4:22:43 Manual Sal Paradise (Live) Azure Vista (reissue) 
4:29:08 Anima Sewa Sacred Alliance 
4:39:54 Jesse Cook Steampunk Rickshaw One World
4:45:13 Al Jewer & Andy Mitran Trance Desert Drive Desert Light 
4:56:23 Aerosol Reach Leave
5:01:57 Chronotope Project Dawn Treader Dawn Treader
5:09:09 Stratosphere Accepting the Aftermath  Aftermath
5:17:07 Andy Sheppard Quartet Aoidh/Na Dean Cadal Idir (pt 1)  Surrounded By Sea 
5:21:13 Sundaug Nocturnality Nocturnality
5:24:16 David Naidu Renewal Going Places
5:29:40 Three Fields A Reaction Alright Here
5:33:25 Vessels Elliptic Dilate
5:41:32 Frore & Shane Morris Orison Blood Moon
5:48:19 Mike Doricott/Stan Dart Mare Tranquilitatis (Orbital Flight Mix) Midnight
5:53:58 Stephen Duros Chapter IX Aeaea

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