Angela Sheik in Echoes Podcast

Angela Sheik Brings It On In Echoes Podcast

Angela SheikAngela Sheik is a compelling 21st century singer-songwriter who doesn’t just sit at a piano or play a guitar. With live looping, she creates her own elaborate orchestrations using those instruments plus autoharp, theremin, flute and whatever else she can get her hands on.  Her album, Home Before Dark, is a miraculous construction of provocative, sometimes humorous songs where she tackles themes of romance, religion and hardship. It’s all built around her theatrical approach, often drawing comparisons to Kate Bush as she layers her voice into soothing choirs and Andrews Sisters style choruses. Angela Sheik talks about music, life and looping.

Hear it in the Echoes Podcast below, or download it from iTunes. If you like it, leave a review there.

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