Dry the River Interview in Echoes Podcast

Dry the River in Echoes Podcast

Dry The RiverDry the River is a band from England making an atmospheric rock sound that has a broken toggle stuck between folk and psychedelic music. Their music is marked by powerful rock instrumentation and soaring harmonies often traveling into the falsetto range that has fostered comparisons to Bon Iver vocally.  They[‘re also compared to Mumford and Sons but since their violinist left the group, that comparison seems less evident.   They do, however, have deep sixties roots, some of which they are aware of like Buffalo Springfield and Paul Simon, and some they aren’t like Arthur Lee’s Love. During a recent Echoes Live performance I forded across the currents of Dry the River as they talked about the influences behind their powerful sophomore album, Alarms in the Heart.  You can download the interview from iTunes here.  Or just listen to it now.

Go to Echoes-On-Line to hear their live Echoes performance.


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