Echoes Hosts Recreation of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells

Tubular Bells for Two Duo Recreate Mike Oldfield's Masterpiece.

I am very impressed by these guys. You should have them on your show. –Mike Oldfield

220px-Tubular_Bells_for_Two_DVDThis Thursday, January 8, two musicians from Australia will mount the stage of the Sellersville Theatre with over 20 instruments and recreate Mike Oldfield’s 1973 classic Tubular Bells. It’s a performance that has impressed even Oldfield himself. It’s not a tribute but a live performance living on the knife’s edge of danger as every note from opening sequence to last acoustic guitar chord is performed live on the stage with no computers or backing tracks. The two musicians try to replicate the album as fully as possible from Farfisa organ to glockenspiel. You can hear Tubular Bells for Two’s Aiden Roberts and Danny Holdsworth talking about their challenging effort Tuesday night on Echoes. But better still, see it live on Thursday at the Sellersville Theatre.

As an added bonus, fingerstyle guitarist Tim Farrell will be opening. His album, Cascadia was one of our Top 25 albums for 2014.


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