Radiohead’s Philip Selway in Echoes Podcast

Radiohead's Philip Selway talks about Weatherhouse

Selway_headshotPhilip Selway, best known as the drummer for Radiohead, is also a singer-songwriter who has just released his second album Weatherhouse. Selway reveals himself as a multi-instrumentalist with an inviting, soulful voice, singing music of deep melodies and often melancholy themes, couched in psychedelic shaded arrangements. Weatherhouse was the Echoes November CD of the Month and I picked his song “Coming Up for Air” as the song of the year for 2014. Selway consciously avoided anything that sounded like Radiohead in his solo debut, Familial, but for Weatherhouse, all possibilities were open.

It does tap into some more of more Radiohead elements in there. I kind of accepted on this record that those things were okay to go to–whereas on Familial, those elements which I felt were Radiohead, I didn’t want to go there. But I felt much more comfortable allowing those elements to come through if that’s what was happening, and what was working for the song as well.

In the Echoes Podcast we talk to Philip Selway about his perfect album of dream pop which is the Echoes CD of the Month for November. List here or download from iTunes.


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