French for Rabbits

Serene Dream Pop from New Zealand by French for Rabbits

Spirits-cvrHere’s my hit replay album of the day, maybe the month.   This is yet another wonderful band from New Zealand which is starting to give Iceland a run as the-little-island-country-that-could.  The New Zealand alt/pop duo of Brooke Singer and John Fitzgerald create a delicate, folk-based dream pop that makes you want to wallow in melancholy because they do it so beautifully.  The have a new album called Spirits that holds you from the opening title track to the closing reverie, “Seafarer.” Here’s a video from it that isn’t even the best track on the album. It’s on a label I hadn’t heard of, Lefse Records which has a few other similarly inclined artists like A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Sea Oleena.


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  1. Elizabeth
    November 24, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    pour les lapins

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