Friday November 14th-Echoes Program 1446E

Living Room Concert: Agnes Obel
Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel returns to playing her haunting chamber-pop songs live. Joined by a cellist and violinist/keyboardist, she brings songs from her critically acclaimed album, Aventine, to an intimate live setting when she performs on Echoes.

Friday November 14th
Echoes Program 1446E (1437A)
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00  Carl Weingarten  Western Overnight  Life Under Stars CD Baby
0:06:00  Tigerforest  Touch the Sky  The Tides of Day and Night 
0:11:36  Gungor  The Best Part  I Am Mountain 
0:15:17  Massive Attack  Paradise Circus (featuring Hope Sandoval)  Heligoland 
0:19:57  Rena Jones  Open Me Slowly  Driftwood 
0:25:00  The Holy Coast  I Wrote You  The Holy Coast EP 
0:29:00  break   
Second Half Hour
0:30:00  A Living Room Concert with Agnes Obel 
0:31:11  Agnes Obel  Smoke and Mirrors (Live) Aventine 
0:35:49  Agnes Obel  Words are Dead (Live) Aventine 
0:41:23  Agnes Obel  Dorian (Live) Aventine 
0:48:23  Agnes Obel  The Curse (Live) Aventine 
0:59:00  break   
Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Beck  Morning  Morning Phase 
0:06:00  Olivier Libaux  Burn the Witch (feat. Clare Manchon)  Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age 
0:08:29  Kristin Hoffmann  Let Go  The Human Compass CD Baby
0:12:46  Ludovico Einaudi  Experience  In a Time Lapse 
0:17:13  Fink  Two Days Later  Hard Believer 
0:22:36  Lex Nichols  Vic’s Song  The Path Less Traveled CD Baby
0:29:00  break   
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Priscilla Ahn  Remember How I Broke Your Heart  This is Where We Are 
0:32:28  Gustavo Santaolalla  Alma  Camino 
0:34:55  Saint Tropez  The Waiting  Saint Tropez 
0:40:45  break   
0:41:30  Tori Amos  America  Unrepentant Geraldines 
0:45:37  Kaya Project  The Phoenix Rises  Firedance 
0:51:08  Azure Ray  Scattered Like Leaves  As Above So Below 
0:54:45  William Orbit  Milky Way Station Strange Cargo 5 


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