What is An Icon? 25th Anniversary Edition

Albert-EinsteinThe Echoes 25th Anniversary Poll is underway with listeners voting on 25 Icons of Echoes and 250 CDs for the 25th Anniversary of Echoes.   Back on our 20th Anniversary Poll, I wrote about the concept of “Iconic” and I thought this would be a good time to revisit it.

It seems like people have different ideas about what constitutes iconic.

Besides being a symbol on your computer screen, an icon is an important and enduring symbol or in this case, someone who represents the pinnacle of their music field, an artist who is loved and whose influence is pervasive.

Outside of the Echoes sphere, Picasso is an icon, Thomas Kinkade is not (although he might be an icon of schlock).   Nirvana is iconic.  The Foo Fighters are not.  The Empire State Building is iconic, the Comcast Tower is not.   Wolfman Jack was iconic, John Diliberto is not.  So let’s  keep a little perspective.

Hint #1: If you have to put a qualifier in front of their name, like ambient composer Josh Smoosh or jazz saxophonist Bent Reed, then they probably are not iconic.

Hint#2: If you don’t need their whole name, they probably are iconic. Eno is iconic.  Trane is iconic. Miles is iconic. Jimi is iconic. Kate is iconic. Even Klaus and the Dream are iconic. You don’t even need their whole names to identify them to virtually anyone, certainly anyone in their field.

Hint #3 : If you are voting for yourself , then you are not iconic.  But you may be ironic.

So when you’re voting, have a little perspective and a touch of humility.  But have fun and vote. Not only will you be part of our birthday celebration, but you can win an Apples iPad.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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