Thursday September 18th-Echoes Program 1438D

New Music: Thus Owl & R. Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater
New music by Thus Owl, a band with members from Montreal and Sweden creating a theatrical dream pop on their album Turning Rocks, and Hans Christian from his new album Hidden Treasures

Thursday September 18th
Echoes Program 1438D
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Silvana Kane Vida Llena  La Jardinera
0:06:00 Beck Turn Away  Morning Phase
0:09:06 Ludovico Einaudi Divenire  Divenire CD Baby
0:15:48 Richard Burmer Ave Pladaelio  Mosaic
0:20:29 Massive Attack Protection   Protection
0:29:00 break  
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Fresh Handmade Sound The Star Studded Plow Synaesthesia
0:32:54 Hans Christian It’s Cloudy  Hidden Treasures CD Baby
0:40:00 Thus Owls Ropes  Turning Rocks
0:44:12 break  
0:44:57 Erik Friedlander Nighthawks Nighthawks
0:52:40 Suzanne Vega Portrait of the Knight of Wands Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentangles 
0:59:00 break  
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 The Album Leaf 2214 Observatory: The Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 11 CD Baby
0:06:00 Goldfrapp Alvar  Tales of Us
0:11:38 Hammock From the Dust…We Ran to Greet the Dawn  Chasing After Shadows…Living with the Ghosts (Deluxe Edition)
0:17:44 Davidge Sleepwaking (with Emi Green)  Slo Light
0:23:21 Lyla Foy No Secrets  Mirrors the Sky
0:29:00 break  
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Jennifer Zulli Air  Goddess Rising
0:34:42 Yasmine Hamdan Samar  Ya Nass
0:38:02 Tom Kerstens/G Plus Ensemble First Trip to Palatine  Utopia
0:41:13 break  
0:41:58 Forrest Fang The Windmill  The Wolf at the Ruins/Migration
0:46:30 Willy Mason What is This  Carry On
0:49:17 The Capsules Super Symmetry  The Long Goodbye
0:53:06 Marotta/Griesgraber Third Estate Waking the Day

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