Wordless Echoes – Departures pt 2

Wordless Echoes – Departures pt2

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Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Carl Weingarten Nightwalk Life Under Stars Buy From Amazon
0:06:25 James Blackshaw Part 9 Fantomas-Le Faux Magistrat Buy From Amazon
0:12:13 Matthew Schoening Structure Narrow Path Buy From Amazon
0:15:38 Gustavo Santaolalla Alma Camino Buy From Amazon
0:18:12 Steve Roach Womb of Light Kairos
0:23:16 Richard Leo Johnson Reverse Engineering Celeste Buy From Amazon
0:25:43 B.J. Cole In at the Deep End The Heart of the Moment Buy From Amazon
0:30:12 Jeff Pearce Ghosts of Summers Past With Evening Above Buy From Amazon
0:32:54 Larkin Two Souls Dance (From Moments Empowered) I Am The Center Buy From Amazon
0:46:12 Jon Durant Dance of the Shadow Planets Dance of the Shadow Planets Buy From Amazon
0:51:14 Mickey Hart Magnificent Sevens Diga
1:04:08 Kaya Project Dust Devil Desert Phase Buy From Amazon
1:09:50 Peter Jack Rainbird Crystalline City Unravel: The Extended Suites Buy From Amazon
1:19:14 Yoed Nir It’s a New Beginning The Next Dream Buy From Amazon
1:23:46 Chronotope Project Dancing Wu Li Masters Dharma Rain Buy From Amazon
1:35:57 Northcape Glasshouse Glasshouse Buy From Amazon
1:41:02 Saul Stokes Light Thrower LFOUFO More Info
1:49:50 Near The Parenthesis Conductor Cloud Not Mountain Buy From Amazon
1:56:12 Lars Leonhard Deeper Direction Passages – Framed by Nova (v/a) More Info
2:03:09 Ceiri Torjussen Enoesque Test (OST) Buy From Amazon
2:06:15 Craig D’Andrea In With The Purple And Out With The Blue Getting Used to Isolation Buy From Amazon
2:09:24 Tom Rothrock Overdose Hotel Resonator Buy From Amazon
2:12:56 Steve Nieve Window #4 (Jackson’s Window) Windows Buy From Amazon
2:19:13 Klaus Schulze Shadowlights (edit) Shadowlands Buy From Amazon
2:27:39 Brian Reitzell Gaudi Auto Music Buy From Amazon
2:35:04 Jonathan Elias Crossing Rivers American River Buy From Amazon
2:38:02 Tigerforest Chasing Starlights The Tides of Day and Night Buy From Amazon
2:43:05 Mazmoneth Diablo Music By Mirrors Buy From Amazon
2:50:49 William Orbit Milky Way Station Strange Cargo 5
2:55:30 Koan In Makarian Gardens The Fables of Belovodye Buy From Amazon
3:03:03 Circular Imbrium featuring AES Dana Moon Pool Buy From Amazon