Wordless Echoes – Departures pt 1

Wordless Echoes – Departures pt1

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Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name Amazon/iTunes/Misc
0:00:00 Hiroki Okano Circle .jp Buy From Amazon
0:05:47 Tim Farrell A Ping In The Universe Cascadia
0:11:16 Dixon’s Violin Free Time Jade Dragon Buy From Amazon
0:14:59 Tom Caufield Water Everywhere (Not A Drop To Drink) Tales From The Wine Dark Sea
0:20:43 Erik Scott Weightless And the Earth Bleeds Buy From Amazon
0:24:22 Dustin O’Halloran A Great Divide Lumiere Buy From Amazon
0:30:25 Mike Oldfield Fire Fly Tres Lunas Buy From Amazon
0:34:03 Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai Envisioning Ritual Buy From Amazon
0:42:57 Kaya Project Tears Fall Like Ash Firedance Buy From Amazon
0:45:41 Ludovico Einaudi Oltremare Divenire Buy From Amazon
0:59:12 Slow Dancing Society Heaven in the Backseat The Cogent Sea Buy From Amazon
1:03:52 Golana Sense of Belonging (with Stephanie Bennett) Meditations For Two
1:09:10 Rhian Sheehan Part 13 Standing in Silence Buy From Amazon
1:12:54 Jill Haley Vibrant Mesa Blossoms Mesa Verde Soundscapes Buy From Amazon
1:17:10 Carbon Based Lifeforms Frog Interloper Buy From Amazon
1:24:20 Stroutsos/Clipman/Eaton Xiao Messenger at Midnight Quiet Fire Buy From Amazon
1:29:19 Robert Rich Sky Tunnel Electric Ladder Buy From Amazon
1:38:15 Petteri Sariola Bolero Through the Eyes of Other Buy From Amazon
1:43:29 Nelson Foltz and Tom Lynn Departure Departure Buy From Amazon
2:04:25 David Pritchard To Kapsberger Among the Missing Buy From Amazon
2:09:00 I Am The Center As the Earth Kissed the Moon Planetary Unfolding
2:16:05 Lex Nichols The Ocean The Path Less Traveled Buy From Amazon
2:19:03 Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo Trek EC12 Buy From Amazon
2:26:52 One Alternative Perfection Rearranging Overnight Pendulum Buy From Amazon
2:29:53 Hollan Holmes An Univited Guest The Spirits of Starlight
2:36:10 Jeff Johnson For The Beauty Of The Earth “Broken Buy From Amazon
2:38:23 Watter This World This World Buy From Amazon
2:44:50 Muriel Anderson Ferryboat Crossing Nightlight Daylight Buy From Amazon
2:48:47 John Luttrell Dreamcast The Dream Exchange Buy From Amazon
2:51:51 Dennis Kesseler Nobody Knows Something Left Undone Buy From Amazon
2:54:56 Mark Dwane Kaleidoscope of Memories Anomalies Buy From Amazon

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