Thursday September 4th-Echoes Program 1436D

New Music: Lia Ices & Marconi Union
Prepare to be lulled into a tranquil mood with new music from singer-songwriter Lia Ices, from her new album called Ices. Then its variations on the most relaxing song ever when we hear the new album by Marconi Union, called Weightless

Thursday September 4th
Echoes Program 1436D
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00  Montreal Guitar Trio  Tom Sawyer  Der Prinz 
0:06:00  Still Corners  Going Back to Strange  Strange Pleasures 
0:08:31  California Guitar Trio  Cathedral Peak  Andromeda 
0:12:52  Lia Ices  Creature  Ices 
0:17:18  Saint Tropez  White Space  Saint Tropez 
0:21:25  Invisible Allies  Cross Pollinating  Conversations with Bees 
0:29:00  break   
Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Sylvan Esso  Coffee  Sylvan Esso 
0:34:20  The Holy Coast  I Wrote You  The Holy Coast EP 
0:36:50  Maya Beiser  Epitaph  Uncovered 
0:45:27  break   
0:46:12  Pacifika  Soledad  Amor Planeta 
0:50:04  Lex Nichols  Vic’s Song  The Path Less Traveled CD Baby
0:54:52  That That Revolves  Wasted  Chasing Sunshine EP 
0:59:00  break   
Third Half Hour
0:01:00  Shel  Lost at Sea  Shel 
0:06:00  Ashra  77 Slightly Delayed  Blackouts 
0:12:39  Juliette Commagere  How Will We Ever Know  Human 
0:15:52  Kate Bush  Breathing  Never for Ever 
0:20:32  Marconi Union  Weightless part 5  Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol. 2) 
0:29:00  break   
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Sarah McLachlan  River  Wintersong 
0:33:50  Peter Jack Rainbird  Crystalline City  Unravel: The Extended Suites 
0:42:34  Woman’s Hour  Unbroken Sequence  Conversations 
0:46:05  break   
0:46:50  Bond Street Bridge  Sleeptalking  The Mapmaker’s Art 
0:49:18  Angel Olsen  Windows  Burn Your Fire for no Witness 
0:53:14  Tim Farrell  Internal Equinox  Cascadia CD Baby