An Echoes Jam on Yoed Nir

Yoed Nir HeadshotLast night Echoes listeners got to hear cellist Yoed Nir performing live in the Echoes Living Room. He was creating looping orchestrations with his cello, all of it played and much of it improvised in the moment.  Greg Pelican, a subscriber to Echoes On-Line was so charged up, he picked up his drum sticks and started jamming along.

I’m 55 and a few years ago I reconnected with my musical past (I played drums and sang in my youth all along the Jersey Shore). I formed a band for fun and have some Roland electronic drums setup in my living room. When I heard the living room concert I was inspired and put down my fork and picked up the sticks. Kind of fun to do that “live” and not really knowing where the music was going. I heard a progressive rock vibe in my head. Just a fun jam. Thanks. Please keep doing what you are doing, and I’ll keep my sticks close by for future jams.

And it sounds pretty good as he taps the progressive rock side of Yoed.  He recorded a segment of the audio on his iPhone and posted it in a youtube video.

Yoed Nir - The Next DreamYoed Nir’s The Next Dream is the Echoes CD of the Month for July.  You can read and hear more about it here and you can check out Yoed’s live performance at Echoes On-Line.


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