Lyla Foy Plays Live on Echoes

Lyla Foy Brings her Haunting Songs to Echoes Live. 

Lyla Foy on Echoes

Lyla Foy on Echoes

A lot of modern singers can’t bring it live.  They need backing tapes, ghost vocals, and rhythm tracks, if not more.  I remember one live Echoes session where the only sound in the studio was a lone voice, barely.  Everything else, vocal harmonies, bass, guitar, drums and key was coming off a computer even though a drummer, bassist and keyboardist were in the studio. The result was a performance that aspired to the perfection of a CD, but was ultimately lifeless; an imperfect artifact of a perfect moment.

But I knew that English singer Lyla Foy could bring it live when I saw her crammed with two bandmates into the back of a London taxi for the renowned and quirky  “Black Cab Sessions.” She was recording as Wall then, but she lost nothing of the atmosphere or vulnerability of her music in this stripped down situation.

Lyla Foy's Feet on Echoes

Lyla Foy’s Feet on Echoes

When she came to Echoes to play music from her Mirrors the Sky album, it was still just a guitarist/bassist, drummer and Foy singing and playing lead.  No phantom voices or rhythm loops.  And the performance is powerful.   Standing barefoot with a black Fender Stratocaster slug around her neck,  Foy probed deep into her  songs of loss, longing and love.  There was a reason we picked her album as the  Echoes CD of the Month in April, and you can hear it tonight.

Read a review and hear tracks of Lyla Foy’s April CD of the Month, Mirrors the Sky.

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