Marissa Nadler in Echoes Podcast

 Singer-Songwriter Marissa Nadler in Echoes Podcast.

Marissa-Nadler-July-608x608Her mother is an abstract painter.  She grew up on Nirvana and Mojave 3 and recorded with an experimental Heavy Metal artist.  Those are all aspects you might not expect from a women who makes gently melodic, atmospherically mysterious, and lyrically intriguing music, playing on fingerstyle guitar with a voice that seems to emerge from around a shadowed corner on a dark night. 

Marissa Nadler at EchoesMarissa Nadler is a singer-songwriter of delicate dimensions and deep atmospheres. Her latest album, July, is the story of one year in her life, from breakup to reunion. Today on Echoes she talks about her album and turning visual imagery into evocative music. You can hear her talk about it on the Echoes Podcast.

Marissa Nadler will be coming to a town near you in June & July.  Check out her Tour Dates

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