Busking to Beauty: Ane Brun Interviewed on Echoes

Brun-SongsTonight on Echoes we revisit our interview with Anne Brun.

Norwegian-born, Sweden-based  singer-songwriter Ane Brun creates a dreamy, folk-based music. She looks back on her 10 year career and new double CD retrospective Songs 2003-2013.  But she started out as a busker.  There are thousands of them around the world:  Musicians playing on street corners, in cafes and any other place an audience might stroll by and listen.  Some of them are young musicians getting their music together, some just make their living as a busker, scrounging quarters and quid into something resembling a living.  Few of them actually break through to become recording musicians.  I can think of some, Kaki King, Portico Quartet, The Angels of Venice.  Add to that small list Ane Brun.  I talk to her about her 10 year career tonight on Echoes.  Since we interviewed her, Brun has released a second compilation, Rarities.


RaritiesAne Brun on her jazz Influences:  I think my voice is influenced a lot by jazz singers, actually.  I grew up with listening to vocal jazz a lot, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and the big legends.  So I was singing along to like Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald and that kind of stuff.

Ane Brun on the melancholy of Scandanavian music:  That’s true, it’s what we have.  I, I think it’s the long winters, it might be, and also the Lutherism and all that stuff.

Hear Ane Brun talk about her music tonight on Echoes.

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