Still Corners Echoes Podcast Interview

Hear our Interview with the enchanting dream-pop group Still Corners in the Echoes Podcast.

Tessa Murray & Greg Hughes of Still Corners on Echoes

Tessa Murray & Greg Hughes of Still Corners on Echoes

Still Corners is an English band with an American musician.  Greg Hughes writes the music and he’s from Phoenix, Arizona.  Singer Tessa Murray is from England.   It’s the sound of dreampop bands like the Cocteau Twins, psychedelia and surprisingly, horror films that suffuses the music of Strange Pleasures.

Their first album was a stripped down, 60’s psych-pop style release redolent of “96 Tears” but on their 2013 release, Strange Pleasures,  they expand their instrumental sonics and lyric concerns.

Greg Hughes:  The whole film aspect of it is really more when you watch certain movies they provide an atmosphere.  So like David Lynch and certain horror movies like Don’t Look Now and Silence of the Lambs, you’ll sit down and you’ll be immersed in the vibe that they project.  That’s what we’re taking and trying to put into the music.

You might never get that from the beautiful music they create.  Hear about it in the Echoes Podcast.

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