Improvisations in Ambience: Borghi & Teager Live on Echoes

Matt Borghi & Michael Teager on Echoes

Matt Borghi & Michael Teager on Echoes

Jazz goes Ambient with Matt Borghi & Michael Teager on Echoes Tonight.

These days in contemporary music, most musicians don’t leave much to chance when they play live. They either adhere to note-for-note recreations of their recorded work or they just have it all in a computer, hit play and have a perfect, if frozen performance.  Ambient guitarist Matt Borghi and saxophonist Michael Teager don’t work that way.  They create their music in the moment, improvising on mood and texture.  Working on themes from their album, Convocation, we’re going to hear them do it live tonight on Echoes when Matt Borghi and Michael Teager head into space, untethered on Echoesborghi-convocation

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