Interview: Yes Is The Answer editors Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell

A Pure Hour of Progressive Rock and More tonight on Echoes.

Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell are Progressive Rock fans and they’ve edited a collection of personal essays about the genre called Yes is the Answer and Other Prog Rock Tales. Contributors such as novelist Rick Moody and music critic Jim DeRogatis write about their mixed feelings about Progressive Rock. We’ll talk with Weingarten and Cornell about the mixture of love and embarrassment so many writers feel for the genre.  Hear them talk about it on Echoes tonight in an hour of pure Progressive Rock.

Tyson Cornell's Yes Tattoo.

Tyson Cornell’s Yes Tattoo.


Marc Weingarten: It’s sort of like cool people are afraid to admit that they like this highly uncool music.

Tyson Cornell: I listen to Yes every single day.  I have a Yes tattoo on my chest.
Mark Weingarten:  It’s true, folks.

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  3 comments for “Interview: Yes Is The Answer editors Marc Weingarten and Tyson Cornell

  1. Thank you for reminding me how much I love prog rock. Guess I put it away with childish things when I found Mahler. Too bad. This show was a joy. ‘Yes’ really is the answer to everything. The first rock concert I ever attended was Yes. They opened to Stravinsky’s Firebird in the dark. Wow. I fell in love with music right there. I sat right behind Rick Wakeman, not 6 feet away. When his hair wasn’t swirling over the keyboards, he’d pass us beers. Maybe it’s tattoo time…

    • Which begs the question: How was it that you were sitting six feet behind Rick Wakeman’s keyboards?
      I remember my first Yes show. It was at the Orpheum theater in Boston on the Fragile tour. I actually went to see King Crimson, who were opening with the “Islands” band, but I walked out a Yes fan.

      • Ha, ha. In the 70s, those were the cheap seats at the ‘brand new’ Nassau Coliseum.

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