Lúnasa Brings Celtic Sounds to Echoes Podcast

Hear our interview with Lúnasa in the Echoes Podcast

The Celtic crazed waned over a decade ago, but Celtic music,  like Country & Western and Jazz, never goes away.  Lúnasa are a generation removed from the first Celtic renaissance in the 1970s, but that’s the sound that infuses their take on traditional Irish music.  And like their influences, they expand that sound working with musicians like Natalie Merchant and the Radio and TV orchestra of Ireland.  I talked to them on spring tour of North America.

Lúnasa on Echoes

Lúnasa on Echoes


Kevin Crawford: I wasn’t aware of, like I’m serious, I had never heard of the Beatles.  There was no music of any other sort, only straight ahead traditional music in my house.

Hear our complete interview with Lúnasa in the Echoes Podcast.

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