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Hear the Echoes interview with Lyla Foy of Wall

ShoestringI don’t think we’ve ever had an artist interviewed on the show with as little materiel as Wall.  That’s the recording persona of English singer-songwriter Lyla Foy who has managed to build up a lot of buzz with a sparse amount of materiel equaled only by her even sparser songs.  But those songs touch a deep and resonant chord of melancholy and beauty.  Earlier this year she released a 5 song EP called Shoestring .


Regarding “Left to Wonder”:  That was just a late night writing session, just me and a glass of wine, pouring my heart out.

Lyla Foy of Wall

Lyla Foy of Wall

Regarding her Black Cab Session: There’s no pretense when you’re in the back of a cab.  You can’t hide behind clever recording devices or auto tune, God forbid, or any of those things.  Just you and your singing, and it’s hot and you’re cramped.

Regarding her influences: I’m a massive fan of Beth Gibbons of Portishead.  And more current people, Annie Clark of St. Vincent, the sort of women who have a very articulate way of songwriting.

Regarding her state-of-the art 25 years ago technology: The keyboard I use is a Casio and it’s a Casio Tone MT200 and it is ancient.  I got it off eBay and I think it’s made in the ’80s.

Hear Wall with Lyla Foy tonight on Echoes or download the free podcast of the Echoes interview with Wall.

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