Laurie Anderson Freefalls with HTC AD

I know I’m a little late but since no one in my limited circle has mentioned it, I thought I would. Have you heard Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman” used in an HTC phone commercial?  I’m confused with whether this is the hippest thing in the world or most lamentable.  Should I be cheering that a piece that is iconic in some circles, yet is barely known outside those circles, is finally making it to the masses some 3 decades later?

Laurie Anderson

Or should I be looking with chagrin at an icon who has spent much of her artistic career critiquing American consumerism finally selling out.  Actually, I have this nagging thought that she has licensed her music to commercials before and I’m pretty sure she’s appeared in some print ads for products other than herself.

I’m gonna go with cheering the hippest thing in the world.  It’s not a sellout.  It’s Laurie Anderson’s latest comment on consumerism and the place of self and self-perspective in the world.

There isn’t a true version online and there’s a Japanese version with Japanese announcer.  There’s an alternate US version with “Tick of the Clock” by The Chromatics. So start this version:

Mute that sound and when the woman jumps out of the plane, start this version, the original Anderson video for O Superman.

Here’s  the Japanese version.

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