Dr. Who Gets Pink Floyd Treatment

The “Dr. Who Theme” is pretty iconic for English musicians.  Written by  Ron Grainer and realized by Delia Derbyshire, it was one of the first electronic TV scores and plugged in several generations of electronic musicians.  I just ran across this video by a group called Traffic Experiment.  It’s a Pink Floyd “Echoes” era style take on the classic theme played live in their very cool looking studio.  They call it “Vashta Nerada [Doctor Who Theme).”   Equipment geeks should love the fetishistic gear shots in the beginning.  And of course, there is a cat reclining on a synthesizer.   There is a free download of the song on their website.

A lot of musicians have done their takes on this theme.  I loved IAMX’s lift of the bass line for his “Nature of Inviting.”  And Orbital did a loving and rocket propelled take of it on their The Altogether album.

Here’s the original.

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  1. dwpbike
    May 20, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    tanks for the link. good stuff

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