Tuesday, April 3th-Echoes Program 1214B


Tuesday, April 3th
Echoes Program 1214B
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00  Al Petteway & Amy White New Moon  Acoustic Journey CD Baby
0:06:00  California Guitar Trio Prelude Circulation  Masterworks
0:08:45  Robert Schroeder Higher than High  D.MO Vol. 3 CD Baby
0:15:04  Seamus Eagan When Juniper Sleeps  Lullabies for Love (v/a)*
0:18:52  Ajja Nubian Sandstone  Greenosophy (v/a)*
0:24:45  Forrest York Travesty in Virgina  Rainy Season CD Baby
0:29:00  break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00  Interview: Glenn Jones
Glenn Jones started out as an avant-psychedelic rocker with the group, Cul de Sac, before picking up an acoustic guitarist and discovering American primitive icon, John Fahey. Glenn talks about his transition and his improvisational approach to music.
0:37:46  break
0:38:01  Glenn Jones The Wanting  The Wanting
0:42:17  The Rain Garden The Endless Path  India
0:48:23  Loreena McKennitt Between the Shadows  Troubadours on the Rhine
0:52:20  Digitonal Come and Play  Be Still My Bleeping Heart
0:59:00  break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00  2002 1054 A.D.  A Word in the Wind CD Baby
0:06:00  Coyote Jump Coyote Jump Waking from the Roots
0:11:07  Gandalf River of Realization  Gallery of Dreams Live
0:19:55  David Wright Echoes of Air  In Search of Silence
0:24:58  Hans Christian Falling in Love pt 1  Rumi Symphony CD Baby
0:29:00  break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00  Eric Tingstad Ceremony of the Aurora  Badlands CD Baby
0:34:49  Marco Testoni and Hang Camera Cravan (feat. Nello Angelucci)  Impatiens
0:38:57  Joseph Sullinger Voyage  Earth Voyage CD Baby
0:43:56  break
0:44:41  Frankie Rose Apples for the Sun  Interstellar
0:48:31  Amethystium Night  Aurorae EP
0:52:48  Liftoff Kool It Man  Sunday Morning Airplay
0:56:37  Craig Richey Jerry Searches Funerals  Answers to Nothing OST