Darshan Ambient’s Other Life.

Hari Kari w/Michael Allison on left

Most of the musicians you hear on Echoes lead double lives.  Many have straight jobs.  Others work in different capacities in the music industry as engineers, studio wonks or in working bands.  Michael Allison records as Darshan Ambient and since the mid-1990s he’s been releasing atmsopheric albums of electronic music.  His latest, Dream in Blue, was the Echoes CD of the Month in December I always knew that Michael had colorful musical past.  In the 1980s he played with punk pioneer Richard Hell (“Blank Generation”) and former Labelle singer, Nona Hendryx when she was in her experimental alt-funk phase.  But I didn’t realize until my recent interview with Michael that he was a member in the band called Hari Kari that plays rock covers and originals.    And it wasn’t until I discovered a couple of videos on YouTube that I saw just how much of a hair-band rocker he could be, albeit, without the hair.  He leaves that to the guitarist and singer. Who would have thought that the guy responsible for Dream in Blue had this in him?  So much for the reclusive and introverted ambient artist stereotype. Check out these videos for another side to Darshan Ambient’s Michael Allison.

You can hear an interview with Darshan Ambient tonight 1/10/2012 on Echoes.

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