Oster/Manring/Weingarten in Echoes Living Room

They call themselves Blue Eternity now, but we know them as trumpeter Jeff Oster, bassist Michael Manring, and electric slide guitarist Carl Weingarten.  They are all familiar to listeners of Echoes.  Michael Manring was a founder of the group Montreux, recorded many solo albums and was the house bassist for Windham Hill Records in the 1980s and ’90s.   Carl Weingarten first came to renown with the progressive rock group, Delay Tactics before striking out from St. Louis to San Francisco where he immersed himself in the dobro, slide guitar and world music with a few other stops in between.  He’s been a fixture on Echoes for years.  Jeff Oster is the trumpet/flugelhorn playing investment specialist who also makes albums that hover between jazz and ambient music, including his Echoes CD of the Month Club selection, Surrender.

A couple of months ago they came into the original Echoes Living Room to perform a set of Oster’s music and then a set of improvisations they’ve been playing as an ensemble.  Oster’s set ran already.  The concert by the ensemble, now known as Blue Eternity, runs on January 17 on Echoes.

We don’t usually film Echoes performances, but they did and here’s a clip from one of the songs.  Footage includes their live performance and some shots of my neighborhood.

Hear Jeff Oster with Michael Manring and Carl Weingarten live  on Echoes 12/17 and the following weekend. Details.

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