Echoes Top 25 Goes to Another Dimension

Akara’s  Extradimensional Ethnography tops Echoes November Top 25

The Echoes Top 25 is a bit wild this month.  Akara, of course heads it up with their Extradimensional Ethnography, an album that gets deeper with each listen.  That’s an Indi release from Joshua Pullman, but our second album on the list isn’t even a CD, it’s a digital download from General Fuzz.  I’ve been waiting for James Kirsch to follow up his album, Soulful Filling and it was worth it.  As it’s title Miles Tones, suggests, it has echoes of Miles Davis as well as 70s CTI jazz mixed in with General Fuzzes own glitch moods and ambient backbeats.  You can get this CD for free form the General Fuzz website, but it’s an album worth paying for.

That’s followed up by another little known release by Low Roar.  Headed up by Ryan Karazija, it’s in the mode of Thurston Moore’s Demolished Thoughts with its folky modes and Pink Floyd echoes.   Little wonder since this American artist lives in Iceland where the zeitgeist of mood currently resides.  He’s followed up trumpeter Jeff Oster’s Surrender, an Echoes CD of the Month from September.  Between Oster, General Fuzz and Darshan Ambient’s Dream in Blue, (December’s CD of the Month) the spirit of Miles Davis seems alive and ambient these days.

Rounding out the top 5 is another digital only release, The Singularity, another ecstatically melodic excursion in synth-guitar orchestrations from Mark Dwane.  It probably would’ve been a CD of the Month if it had been a physical release.

You can see the rest of the Echoes Top 25 for November right here.

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