A Mazmoneth Fright on Echoes Halloween

Halloween is coming and we’ll be running an

Echoes Halloween on Monday, October 31.  

Don’t Turn Out the Lights.

While I was gathering tracks to put in the show I came across a video by Mazmoneth, a duo that records on Ian Boddy’s DiN label.  Their album Music by Mirrors combines the DiN label’s penchant for analog synth sounds and the Ultimae labels penchant for dark melodies.  Mazmoneth is the sound of your dreams just on the edge of nightmare.  I already had a track called “Spooks” programmed into the Echoes On-Line Halloween stream when I came across their creepy Halloween video for a very cool song called “Diablo.”

Any ideas for more Halloween tunes, let us know.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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