Johanna & The Dusty Floor Sweep In.

Tonight on Echoes (01/06/2012) I’ll be interviewing an exciting new singer-songwriter, Johanna Cranitch who records as Johanna & the Dusty Floor.  When I heard her new album,  Northern Lights, I was immediately enticed by this Australian born singer, who first reminded me of Kate Bush.  She even covers Bush’s “Cloudbusting.”  But the more I listen, the less I hear Bush and the more I hear an artist with a unique and personal voice, making music full of surprising melodic turns, with idiosyncratic instrumentation that includes zithers, xylophones and Omnichords, and deeply effecting voice.  Check out a couple of her videos.

This is a charming, kind of unplugged version of “Heavy Heart.”

Here’s a produced video of “Witch Shoes.”

And you might as well hear her understated take on Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting.”

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