An Icon of Echoes Returns: Patrick O’Hearn.

Patrick O’Hearn’s Indigo

Patrick O’Hearn has been a mainstay on Echoes from the beginning.  In fact, his music is one of the reasons why Echoes was created.  It’s been four years since his last release during which time he’s been touring and recording with John Hiatt. But he’s getting a new album ready for a late summer release called Transistions.  A teaser song and video of “Reaching Land”  reveals the artist splitting the difference between his darker Indigo-era moods and the more austere chamber sound of Glaciation.

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  1. On another note: Limited Edition vinyl of ‘Transitions’ would be most welcome, and could be very successful if properly marketed to fans. I believe the format would suit O’Hearn’s music perfectly.

  2. Indigo album was and still is my favorite album. I love so much the ambience of those era (Indogo,Trust, Metaphor). I am looking to revive those memories with the new album as the teaser sounds alike those era! Thanks so much !!!

  3. Great to hear Patrick has a new CD coming out, but as a huge fan of his work I MUST mention that you should hear The So Flows Session CD, it all un-released material from that era, my favorite for sure. Here is a link.
    P.S. Patrick Toured in the late 80’s for the Rivers Gonna Rise Album and still to this day it’s my #1 Club show of all time, people should bug him about another tour!
    Matt Ridley
    The Mid-Atlantic Music Journal

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