Wednesday, November 10th-Echoes Program 1045C

Wednesday, November 10th
Echoes Program 1045C
New music: Brian Eno and Sounds From the Ground
John Diliberto bring us an ambient track from Brian Eno’s new CD, Small Craft on a Milk Sea. Echoes keeps it ambient with Sounds From the Ground. The English electronica duo has a new album of dub influenced moods called The Maze.”
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Whitetree Light on Light
0:06:00 Autumn’s Child feat. Mark Holland Mysteries Revealed Balance
0:13:14 Moodswings Opium (@ 45 Degrees) Horizontal
0:21:53 Kouame Sereba and Erik Wollo Ha Yah
0:29:00 break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 William Coulter &
Benjamin Verdery
Tibetan Prayer Song
Song for our Ancestors
0:35:11 Brian Eno Complex Heaven
Small Craft on a Milk Sea
0:38:06 Dogon The Round Buddha Factory The Sirius Expeditions
0:47:48 break
0:48:33 Jesse Harris Little Star
0:51:15 Joan Jeanrenaud and PC Munoz 33 1/3 Pop-Pop
0:55:43 The Pels Syndicate Invisible Cinema Cinematic Blue
0:59:00 break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 William Orbit Colours From Nowhere Hello Waveforms
0:06:00 Gary Stroutsos Falcon Cove Echoes Living Room Concerts Vol. 7 (v/a)*
0:11:19 Happy Valley The Sea is Blue Children of Gods
0:17:07 Sounds From The Ground Afterglow
The Maze
0:24:01 Mark Preston Light at Certain Angles
Nature and Design
0:29:00 break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 Steve Roach and Robert Rich Mica
0:34:28 Hilmar Orn Hilmarson
and Sigur Ros
Angels of the Universe
0:37:27 Lanterna Hope
Desert Ocean
CD Baby
0:42:43 break
0:43:28 Nik Bartsch’s Ronin Modul 55
0:51:50 Rhonda Larson Peregrine Free as a Bird