MoogFest-Too Many Choices

Getting ready for MoogFest tonight and already faced by insurmountable choices with overlapping bands in venues separated by anywhere from 5 to 20 minute hauls.

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh in Echoes Interview

The pleasant pop of Kuroma and The Octopus Project each overlap by half an hour, so I’ll start out with TOP but Kuroma will have to depend on how good or bad TOP perform.

I’d love to catch Nortec Collective but TOP ends at 7:30 and Nortec starts at 7:15 at the Orange Peel, a venue about 20 minutes alway, which would mean I’d miss Devo at 8.    I first saw Devo 33 years ago at The Hot Club in Philadelphia.  It was a memorable set and I’m looking forward on both a nostalgic and artistic level at seeing them again.

But then I have a choice between Saturn Never Sleeps, King Britt’s ambient surreal Sun Ra project and MGMT doing their big-time Indi pop, again at venues separated by about 20 minutes with overlapping time.  The only way I’ll catch that is if Devo really sucks, and I don’t have that expectation.  I think it will be a game-time call whether I want another dose of electro-Pop or if I want to have my mind blown.

I’ll probably catch Van Dyke Parks at 11 although I’ve never been a big fan of his arch take on pop.  Then it’s a tough choice between Girl Talk, Panda Bear, and Mutemath.  I’m leaning towards the power pop of Mutemath even if he does play a keytar (one of those keyboards you sling around your neck so you look like a dork).

Anything I should see that I’m overlooking?  Big BoiDan Deacon? Clare & the Reasons?

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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