Friday, February 12, 2010-Echoes Program 1006E

Friday, February 12th
Echoes Program 1006E
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
First Half Hour
0:01:00 Niyaz Love Song
Backspin (v/a)*
0:06:00 Ludovico Einaudi Bye Bye Mon Amour Nightbook
0:13:21 Air Love
Love 2
0:15:56 Four Tet Angel Echoes
There is Love in You
0:19:55 Anna Ternheim My Heart Still
Beats for You
Leaving on a Mayday
0:24:21 Deodato Venus
Deodato 2
0:29:00 break
Second Half Hour
0:30:00 George Winston Time for Love
Love Will Come
0:32:07 Robin Guthrie Love Never Dies a Natural Death
Angel Falls
0:34:31 Christopher O’Riley Cupid’s Trick
Home to Oblivion: Elliott Smith Tribute
0:37:48 Michael Whalen Love’s Secret
My Secret Heart
0:42:38 break
0:43:23 Michael Hedges The Happy Couple Breakfast in the Field
0:45:50 Michael Stearns Marriage Chords M’Ocean
0:55:08 Anthony Mazzella Together in Paradise Heavenly Guitar
0:59:00 break
Third Half Hour
0:01:00 Erik Wollo Computerlove
Blue Sky, Red Guitars
0:06:00 Heidi Berry Cradle
0:09:22 Adam Rafferty I Can’t Make
You Love Me
0:13:20 Christopher Young Love is Love is Love The Informers (OST)
0:19:57 Ancient Future Socha Socha
Planet Passion
0:29:00 break
Fourth Half Hour
0:30:00 General Fuzz Eye Heart Knot Soulful Filling
0:33:58 Digitonal The Beating
of Her Heart
Save Your Light for Darker Days CD Baby
0:38:20 Lineland Pat Garrett
Logos for Love
0:41:05 Patrick O’Hearn Desire Indigo
0:47:18 break
0:48:03 Will Ackerman Unconditional
Sound of the Wind Driven Rain
0:50:50 Curium I Carry Your Heart With Me (I Carry It In) Nowever
CD Baby
0:54:32 Si-O Pillowtalk Winds of Wi-Fi

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