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Ottmar Liebert releases collaboration with Iraqi oud player Rahim Alhaj

751222-largeMiddle Eastern influences are already present in the flamenco music that is at the core of  Ottmar Liebert‘s sound.  He explores those themes even more thoroughly on Under the Rose, a collaboration with Iraqi oud player Rahim Alhaj.   It’s more than just duets.  Liebert brings in his rhythm section while his production creates a seductive, nocturnal atmosphere around these pieces, adding slight effects like backward guitar punctuations  to melodic trade-offs between Liebert and Alhaj on the title track.   Liebert explores Middle Eastern exotica on “A Storm Approaches.”   Over a rolling caravan groove,  synthesizers swirl in the background while Liebert improvises on  wah-wah electric guitar with punctuations from Alhaj.    None of the tracks get all that fiery in either a flamenco or Middle Eastern sense, hewing to the slow tempo burn Liebert has favored for years.

Liebert SS06 Session002Under the Rose is available as a free download from,  and comes with beautiful, printable artwork.  But the disc is also a benefit CD for Direct Aid Iraq.  Direct Aid Iraq (DAI) is a network of Iraqis, Americans, and others supporting a future of peace for Iraq through providing aid, facilitating cooperation, engaging in advocacy, and providing education.  DAI is a program of the Middle East Cultural and Charitable Society, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization registered in the United States.  So give ’em some money if you want to support the cause.

Personally, I think Liebert has made a mistake putting Under the Rose out as a free download.  It’s among his best CDs and the dual leads between guitar and oud bring a new dimension to his already hybrid flamenco fusion.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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  1. Why do you think it a mistake to freely share one’s music? One can always charge for other tracks or albums, but one should also be able to give it away if one wishes.

    If this new direction for Ottmar is successful or satisfying for him, he can always record more in this vein and charge for it … and besides: For some of us, making music available as a free download is the only way we can get it out there for people to hear and start drawing attention to the rest of our work. (Now where do I send YOU the link to get my music on your show, John? *grin…)

  2. What a treat! I have been a faithful fan of Ottmar since day-one. I last saw him at the Paul Masson Winery in Saratoga which is a charming setting for any set but really provided more dramatic ambience and backdrop for Ottmar’s performance.

    After having discovered Rahim at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley and having had the pleasure of talking to him, I have been a captivated fan not only of his music but of his story and enduring spirit.

    To be able to experience the two is definitely greater than the sum of all parts! Thanks for sharing this unique offering.

  3. Hace un par de años conoci la musica de Ottmar precisamente el album Borrasca y desde entonces me encanto el Flamenco.
    Este nuevo album Under The Rose tiene un estilo un tanto diferente pero de innegable calidad.

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