Acoustic Guitar Madness: Guitar Republic Wants You

Driving in this morning, I was thinking to myself that I was getting a little tired of the solo acoustic guitar thing.   But when I popped up Echoesspace today, I found a friend request from Guitar Republic that got the strings popping again.  They are a new Italian guitar supergroup doing the California Guitar Trio thing, but with their own take.  Pino Forastiere is an old friend of Echoes who’s played live on the show a few times.  He usually sounds like 3 or four players on his own.  Team him up with Steffano Barone and Sergio Altamura and it’s like putting three  Brian Westbrooks in the backfield or three Jackson Pollacks on a canvas.  Okay, maybe not as crazy as that. They are calling themselves Guitar Republic and don’t have a CD out yet.  (Let’s go Candyrat Records.)   But here’s a taste from a nicely shot YouTube video.  Check out Altamura playing his guitar with a violin bow, Barrone using an ebow and Forastiere doing his usual two-handed ballet.  Don’t let the goofy title scare you off.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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  1. I would put that on replay (if I had that on CD) and play it while cooking dinner. Chopping veggies, stirring things. Then while bow-man did his thing, stop for a sip (or two) of wine. Then back to stir, and set the table.
    But I do like the title.

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