Echoes Top 25 for January ’09: Kaya Project Tops

Kaya Project Tops our January Top 25.

Kaya Project makes it’s way to the top, no surprise since it was our Echoes CD of the Month for January.   Kaya Project’s Seb Taylor actually gets a double hit since his Hibernation album,  Some Things Never Change, also made the list.  But Kaya Project points to a resurgence of World fusion over the last two months.,  The number two selection is Bombay Dub Orchestra‘s 3 Cities.   That was a CD of the Month in November and is still riding high.  Other world fusion exponents on the top 25 list include, Uriel with his electronic Middle Eastern fusion and Ottmar Liebert, still here with his mid-summer Nouveau Flamenco album, The Scent of Light.  It’s nominated for a Grammy this year.

There usually aren’t a lot of new albums on the list in January, but among the newcomers are electronica singer, Jen Pumo with All Over the Moon and bassist Erik Scott with Other Planets.  Look for this former Alice Cooper sideman to top the list next month since he’ll be the Echoes CD of the Month for February.

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1. Kaya Project And So It Goes Interchill

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2. Bombay Dub Orchestra 3 Cities Six Degrees Records
3. David Helpling and Jon Jenkins Beyond Words Deep Exile Music
4. Sumner McKane What A Great Place to Be Don’t Hit Your Sister Records
CD Baby
5. John Gregorius Heaven and Earth Spotted Peccary
CD Baby
6. General Fuzz Soulful Filling Self Released
7. Motionfield Optical Flow Somnia
8. Uriel Culture Shift AD Music
9. Anja Lechner and Vasillis Tsabropoulos Melos ECM Records

10. Michel Banabilia Precious Images Streamin’ Sound
11. Jen Pumo All Over the Moon Brother Hum, LLC
CD Baby
12. Erik Scott Other Planets Self Released
CD Baby
13. Neil Jacobs 12 String Guitar Adena Productions
CD Baby
14. Hibernation Some Things Never Change Aleph Zero
Amazon MP3

CD Baby
15. Ottmar Liebert The Scent of Light Spiral Subwave Records Int’l
16. Johann Johannsson Fordlandia 4AD/Touch

17. Sounds from the Ground Brightwhitelight Waveform Records
Amazon MP3
18. Ian Boddy Slide DiN
19. Dante Bucci Reminiscence Self Released
CD Baby
20. Wolfert Brederode Quartet Currents ECM Records Amazon MP3
21. Jeffrey Koepper Luminosity Air Space Records
CD Baby
22. Thomas Newman Towelhead Lakeshore Records
23. Carl Weingarten Lost in the Air Self Released
CD Baby
24. Cam Newton Oregon Outback Summit Records

25. Sentieri Selvaggi Plays Gavin Bryars and Philip Glass Cantaloupe Records

Kaya Project’s

was the Echoes CD of the Month
for January 2009

  4 comments for “Echoes Top 25 for January ’09: Kaya Project Tops

  1. I really like your selection and I already have a copy of five of them, although Motionfield was quite a surprise to see here. If only it was easier to buy these in digital download form at higher bitrates as I do find that the 256kbit/s of iTunes ruin such refined music.

  2. I’m not saying it was a bad album, I love it. I’m surprised that you would include it as an “echoes” entry as I’d classify it more in the electronic/psy-dub/ambient arena. How would you classify the genre that this site is about, or is it just what you like?

  3. I don’t get much into the micro-genre management thing. Motionfield fits in with the broader ambient category and that’s a big part of what we play on Echoes. So that includes everything from Eno to Boards of Canada.

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