The Nerve-Music & the Mind

On Echoes, I’ve frequently sought the answer to the big question, Why?  Not the “Why do we exist?” question, but the “Why do we like the music we do?  Why do we respond to it the way we do?  Why do some people love crappy music and why doesn’t everyone like Echoes music, which of course, is so much better?”   😉  I suspect the answer to some of these questions might lead to an answer for the big Why?

The CBC has launched another great new music series called The Nerve: Music and the Human Experience that attempts to answer the Why music question.  It’s produced by Jowi Taylor who also produced The Wire: The Impact of Electricity on Music. That series explored the world of electric music in all its manifestations and not only covered some profound territory, but was beautifully produced as well. I was jealous.

The Nerve is the follow-up, taking it’s cue from the Daniel Levitin book,  This is Your Brain on Music. It explores how music affects the mind, why we love music and why we respond to music in specific ways. Levitin appears in the series, as do a cast of philosophers, scientists and musicians including my hero, Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), a member of Kronos Quartet, and producer/musician Daniel Lanois.   I think he could’ve gotten some more thoughtful musicians, especially in the Enchanted, Entrance: Music and Spirituality section, but that could be a whole other series.   In fact, it was one, Sound & Spirit.

The Nerve is currently running on the CBC, but don’t worry, they put it on-line the Monday after the initial weekend broadcast.  You can also go back to list to The Wire.

 John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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