A Trip to the Drone Zone with Furthernoise

It’s difficult finding reliable reference material about the music you hear on Echoes. I’ve yet to locate a single site that reliably covers the music heard on the show, or even some of its significant component parts. One interesting site I recently stumbled across is Furthernoise.org  out of the U.K.  It travels through the darker regions of the Echoes soundscape, deep into the drone zones of noise and soundscape music, but they do a good job of surveying that often opaque range. Their new issue covers recent releases from the Hypnos label which we often play on Echoes.  Coincidentally, one of the albums they cover is Stewart Brand’s serenely textured “Bridge To Nowhere.  I wonder if that’s on Sarah Palin’s iPod.   Another label called Gears of Sand is also featured with some compelling textural composers.  

Furthernoise states their mission as:

Furthernoise is an online platform for the creation, promotion, criticism and archiving of innovative cross genre music and sound art for the information & interaction of the public and artists alike.

Furthernoise wears their avant-garde tastes like badge of honor, but those of you into the murkier, more experimental side of Echoes, might enjoy some time here.  The site is also heavily laden with soundfiles that continue to play with a control panel that remains on top no matter where you move within their site. A nice touch.    They’ve just put their September issue on-line.

John Diliberto ((( echoes )))

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