Random Record Thoughts

Records hitting me the right way today:

Maneesh de Moor Sadhana
A very cool ethno-ambient album that looks like another New Age swill of eastern mysticism but is much more sophisticated than that.

Robert Fripp Exposure
A re-issue of the 1979 album, with the original version and a second version with vocals by Daryl Hall that were supposed to be on the original release. I still prefer Peter Hammill’s English angst, but the best tunes are the rip-your-skull-off instrumentals like Breathless. Maybe more on this later.

Records hitting me in the wrong way today:
Windham Hill’s “Pure” series of artist collections with best of titles from Will Ackerman, Shadowfax, Mark Isham and the usual suspects.
Pure Will Ackerman Pure Shadowfax Pure Mark Isham

Windham Hill’s constant regurgitation of their catalog has long been tiresome. These collections are bargain-basement dregs.
-John Diliberto

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at 8/11/2006 8:56:36 AM

Here’s what I’ve been told from the Eclectic Disc folks: “They are not even manufactured yet and not out till 28th August at the earliest which was our original release date.”

These folks are reissuing a lot of vintage progressive rock materiel. You can find them here: http://www.eclecticdiscs.com

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at 8/11/2006 7:29:36 AM

Four CDs that have been hitting me the wrong way for a long time is the Jade Warrior “Elements” box, consisting of “Floating World,” “Waves.” “Kites,” and “Way Of The Sun.” The music is classic, stellar, but the Elements box simply ddddddoes not do justice to some classic music.

So, last week I all four of the CDs available separately, from amazon.com, for about $23 bucks (import price) from a company that I’m not familiar with called “Eclectic.” John, have you or anyone else actually HEARD these CDs? Or should I wait for the (inevitable?) SACD or Hybrid SACD? What IS going on with the Jade Warrior catalog, or at least these 4 classic CDs?

If anybody knows about the imports CDs, please speak up. John, this gives you a valid excuse to post copies of some of the coolest looking album covers ever.:)