More Live Electronic Music

On saturday, May 20, two local electronic music groups played live in Philadelphia, as part of The Gatherings Concert Series. There were no laptops, or backing tracks at this show, although some rhythmic patterns were pre-programmed into some of the equipment, that’s part of the nature of music with sequencers in it. Both groups explored deep spacy ambiences, as well as more energetic, structured excursions driven by cycling sequencers and searing electric guitar.

The Ministry of Inside Things is synthesizer player Chuck van Zyl, and guitarist Art Cohen.

Opening the show was Orbital Decay, featuring Terry Furber on Synthesizers (and an otherworldly bowed-psaltery) and Scott Watkins on Electric guitar. They played alongside an intense video accompaniment, featuring space scenes, natural landscapes and psychedelic fractals, synchronized to the music.

Both of these groups will also be appearing in concert at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg, PA, on Saturday June 10, a concert presented by Echoes.