London – pt6

Our last full day in London started off with the amazing experience of NOT getting lost while driving to a session! (OK, we missed one turn, but recovered quickly… )

Thankfully, Robin and Paul Simon were gracious hosts, and Paul welcomed us into his lovely Victorian house, where the front room was filled with DJ gear, a percussion set-up and an electric guitar, all ready for a Living Room Concert by their group Ajanta Music.

Afterwards, we managed to get back to the hotel just in time to hop on the tube and head out for more interviews. John visited the producers behind The Bombay Dub Orchestra while I headed out toward Notting Hill to meet up with Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy. They’ve been making influential psychedelic music for decades: their recording “Rainbow Dome Music” is a classic of ambient music.

Since the early 1990s, they’ve been working as System Seven, and more recently have created another group for their more chilled-out projects called Mirror System. They had lots of fascinating stories, which we look forward to airing soon!

Tomorrow, back home!


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