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The Best of Echoes 2015 Poll

Echoes listeners are now voting in the Best of Echoes 2015 Poll. They are picking their 10 favorite albums heard on Echoes in 2015 and they’ll be tabulated into the Echoes Top 25 Albums for 2015

An Echoes Halloween

Every year on Echoes we create a two-hour soundscape of haunted music. But online, we go even further into the underworld with a six hour Wordless Echoes Halloween, an all instrumental walk through the dark side. Listen if you dare.

Echoes Live 21

Echoes Live 21

Our latest album of live Echoes performances is here. It’s called Echoes Live 21. We’ve picked the best tracks from the best live Echoes performances and put them on our 21st CD. Here are the stories behind the tracks.

Steve Roach in the Echoes Interview Podcast

Unlock the door to your mind with when Steve Roach gives you Skeleton Keys. That’s the latest album from the legendary electronic musician. Noted for his acclaimed albums, Structures from Silence and Dreamtime Return and as a pioneer of techno-tribal and drone-zone music, Roach has carved a unique and independent path over the last 35 years. He was also voted the number one Icon of Echoes last year. He returns to his analog roots for an album of furious sequencer syncopations called Skeleton Keys. He unlocks it when we talk with him in the Echoes Interview Podcast.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

On the next Echoes, keyboardist Ryan Farish takes a more rhythmic, driving approach on a new release called Spectrum while the European trio Broekhuis, Keller and Schoenwalder go retro-space.