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The Best of Echoes 2015 Poll

Echoes listeners are now voting in the Best of Echoes 2015 Poll. They are picking their 10 favorite albums heard on Echoes in 2015 and they’ll be tabulated into the Echoes Top 25 Albums for 2015

Echoes Top 25 for October 2015

The Ambient chamber music of our CD of the Month, Slow Meadow, leads the Echoes Top 25 for October followed by the powerful dreampop of The Mynabirds and the sultry orchestral pop of Lana Del Rey.

Echoes Live 21

Echoes Live 21

Our latest album of live Echoes performances is here. It’s called Echoes Live 21. We’ve picked the best tracks from the best live Echoes performances and put them on our 21st CD. Here are the stories behind the tracks.

Friday, October 16th, 2015-Echoes Program 1541E

Domino Kirke is the daughter of Simon Kirke, drummer for the bands Free and Bad Company. And her sister is Jemima Kirke from HBO’s Girls. Now Domino Kirke has a new album called Independent Channel. We’ll also hear new music from Lera Lynn from HBO’s True Detective.